Cast Influence is your way to be influential and build your brand with digital and influencer marketing, public relations, social outreach and new innovative ideas tailored specific to your growth goals.

What do we live for?

Inclusive creativity, applying agile approaches casting positive influence. Build, engage and activate your audience with disruptive innovation and growth strategies.

Some of our recent work

Who is Cast Influence?

Cast Influence is more than a marketing consultancy. We offer you a way to broad(cast) your company, share your story and influence key audiences, both locally and worldwide. We offer traditional and non-traditional marketing,
growth hacking, digital marketing, and community building with a focus on solving real problems with real impact. We go a step further by providing C-Level marketing consulting that funnels through all communications
and initiatives, ensuring our clients’ message gets in front of the right audiences at the right times. We differentiate by offering our services a la carte or as a package, in what we like to call Managed Marketing
as-a-Service (MMaaS).

We specialize in seed funded, emerging start-ups, small to mid-size businesses, dreamers, marketing entrepreneurs or business development professionals.

Vision: Inspire business leaders to grow their companies while building a positive influence.