The Ultimate Marketing and PR Packaged Solution

What & Why?

Small and mid sized companies don’t have many marketing resources or in many cases a large budget. Because marketing has become a multi niched industry, adaptability can be greatly hindered. Packaging your marketing gives you flexibility, access to more resources and talent, less risk, and lowers your overall marketing resource cost by two thirds in most cases.Cast Influence calls it Managed Marketing as-a-Service (MMaaS). Packaging the marketing functions that you need into one combined, strategic solution.

Benefits of MMaaS

  • Access to first-class marketing talent that’s experienced in the latest digital trends, campaign techniques and technologies.
  • A better marketing ROI that includes an increase in marketing effectiveness and a reduction in payroll and overhead expenses.
  • Increased access to media equipment and technology to produce sophisticated marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing scalability so a business can respond to market and revenue fluctuations without reducing personnel.


When combining marketing services into one cohesive solution you should always take a little time to research and develop a plan. Cast Influence works with the marketing leader or business leader at your organization and creates a phased approach to integrating your marketing effort. This way you know how the puzzle pieces fit together, how metrics will be tracked, and accountability to tasks that need to be done to be successful.