Influencer platform “escapex” expands reach exponentially

About the organization

escapex creates personally owned platforms (POPs) for celebrities and influencers reaching over 3 billion followers worldwide and growing by 150 million fans/month. It’s a market leader active in 17 countries including the U.S., Brazil, India and Indonesia, where it has 90 percent market share including 45 of the top 50 celebrities and works with 10 of the top 20 brands in Asia. escapex offers an alternative to legacy social media platforms where those with a large following can establish a unique brand for free and begin generating revenue through ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases or contests — with no set-up fees or downtime for app development or maintenance. Headquartered in Singapore, escapex improves the experience for influencers, brands and followers alike, providing artists with a new avenue for sharing and monetization that allows them to keep more profits, enjoy more freedom, retain more control, and get started quickly.

escapex coverage


  • General message not well known to the world at large
  • Current PR effort could improve on the strategic approach. Most of the PR that exists is with the influencers themselves, leaving escapex as a footnote
  • Awareness in targeted verticals can be improved: influencers, business and investor, technology news, and consumer at large
  • PR efforts tend to be backward looking instead of “future focused”


  • Strategic marketing guidance
  • Public relations strategy / media training
  • Copywriting

Increase in website traffic

+ 01,200%Year over Year

PR Wins

+ 026 Year over Year

Analyze current situation and create a plan

When we assist in building messaging, we utilize our elite team who collectively measure 50 years of experience. We did not reinvent the wheel with escapex messaging — we refined, targeted and optimally positioned that message to fit press narratives that would resonate. In fact, we believe the current tagline of “Be Seen” to be catchy and is a direct call to action for both the consumer base and influencers.

PR and Marketing Planning Diagram

In Phase 1 (initial 2 weeks), our messaging team defined broad themes that resonated with the PR campaigns and stories we promoted, as part of the ongoing pitch strategy. This included working sessions with the escapex executive team and idea generation of storylines that fit the brand’s goals and challenges.

Proof is in the influence!

Over the course of four months, Cast Influence gradually built escapex’s reputation by launching and managing a robust Medium account, drafting and placing mission-driven op-eds, securing speaking opportunities at industry events for the CEO, and support for tactical marketing efforts (social media, content strategy, lead generation). Cast Influence garnered major earned media wins that have boosted escapex’s profile with future investors, enhanced reputation with large brands and increased awareness amongst new influencers. Fast Company wrote a feature story on escapex, its influencers, the fans who download influencer apps, and what this means for a decentralized future of marketing. This resulted in a 1,200% increase in traffic to the website.

Results and the future

As a result of a strategic PR campaign that gained press across tiers, the future of escapex as an influencer platform alternative to Instagram and YouTube has been realized. escapex currently supports many of the most prominent influencers in the world, and growing! As seen in the statistics, the traffic and attention has increased visibility by 1,200%.