Creating a lead machine through inbound marketing

About the organization

Revivify Surface professionally cleans, repairs, and applies penetrating sealers to stone surfaces using proven techniques.

Their mission is to provide quality customer service and a superior service product to the people of Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding communities.


  • Branded identity was non-existent
  • Zero web presence on social media or with a website
  • Content strategy had not been implemented
  • Operational structure around integrated technologies
  • No mechanism for tracking information and leads

Solutions provided by Cast Influence

  • Brand identity assistance
  • Marketing advisement and planning
  • Website development
  • Website maintenance
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google ads management and campaign development
  • Email marketing
  • Graphic design
  • CRM solution and management

Increase in leads over the last year

+ 0Year over Year

Summer 2019 3 month lead average

+ 0 Year over Year

Create identity and web presence

When Revivify first came to Cast Influence they had just started. They had created a logo but little more. At the time, they were engaged with another marketing firm that had promised a website and marketing program that would produce leads and engagement. This was not the reality. The website the other firm was creating had poor design and did not have proper considerations for a positive user experience. Additionally, mechanisms of tracking, content, and communications were not being fully developed.

Not one conversion from marketing efforts had been realized before Cast Influence became involved.

Cast Influence worked with Revivify to map out their web presence and persona’s. Then built a website and consistent brand standard that could easily be identified.

Generate leads and integrate technology

Upon completion of the brand identity and web presence, Revivify was ready to gain traction with its target market.

Search engine optimization was heavily focused and ad campaigns were created to gain leads in the moment people had a need to clean and repair surfaces. Further communications utilizing email automation was created to keep customers and prospects engaged. With a combination of Homeadvisor, Google Ads, and Social Presence we were able to quickly gain attention.

Additionally, a systematic process of reputation management was put into place in order to show the quality of work to new potential business. The results have been huge in the first year and a half of business.