1UP Revamps Website and SEO Strategy

About the organization

1UP Aerial Drone Services, headquartered in scenic Golden, Colorado, provides services to a wide range of industries including commercial real estate, land development and construction, insurance, forensic sciences, security services, oil and gas, precision agriculture, surveying, energy, mining, utilities, and professional digital marketing.

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Business problem and situation

  • 1UP was not ranking high enough in search results, which hurt new business leads
  • The website was dated - not focused on the customer experience and lead generation. The website also loaded slowly
  • Better showcasing and positioning of brand capabilities was needed
  • Clear calls to action were lacking
  • 1UP needed a CRM and marketing automation system that would allow for lead scoring, automated actions or campaigns to be triggered
  • Client needed a marketing strategy, to match customer personas with a customized web experience
  • 1UP needed a flexible e-commerce site to allow for growth into drone and accessory sales

Services Provided

  • Strategic marketing
  • Hatchbuck CRM setup and integration
  • Website development and design
  • Email campaign and sequence development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Identification of target markets
  • E-commerce site build

Top Page Targeted Search Rankings

+ 0KeywordsYear over Year

Website Traffic Increase

+ 0% Year over Year

Researching and Building the Strategy

In phase 1, Cast Influence met with 1UP and data scraped to determine what persona’s match the services being offered. Using this data, customer personas were mapped to potential keywords and trending topics. We then created a blackboard wireframe of the website and mapped where content would live. As a final step, Hatchbuck CRM and Marketing Automation System was established with the proper tags and scoring system to segment leads.

SEO Results in the first week!!!

By combining a backlinking strategy with keyword mapping and content creation, we were able to quickly see SEO results for 1UP Drones. Check out the image to see how well 1UP is doing against the competition.

Website Build and Launch

All Cast Influence clients have the advantage of a dedicated senior marketing executive and team of experts ensuring their success. For 1UP Drones, we built the website in a sandbox for testing and iterations. The process was seamless with completion happening ahead of schedule. In the first week, the new website produced more business leads than ever before, doubling 1Up’s visibility and tripling its nearest competitor in targeted page 1 SEO rankings. Visitor comments on the site have also been positive, making it much easier for customers to find what they need.