Website Design and Development


  • 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site
  • 48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when on sites that are poorly optimized for mobile
  • Bounce rates decrease by 15% when Infinite website scrolling is introduced
  • Sites like have increased revenues 35% by adding suggested content


Your website is one of the most important core components of your business. In most cases, it is the focal point of your marketing strategy. We call it the “fish net” to your success. It is where you catch your audience to deliver valuable content and services in the moment they need it.

Website design is the process of creating a forum on the internet for your audience to interact and engage with you. It is often your storefront and how customers find and buy from you. Some of the core functions websites have are information gathering, telling your story (storytelling), e-commerce, purchasing, solving problems, and expanding networks. Depending on your organizational purpose, audience will greatly determine site design and how the site flow is developed.


Cast Influence has a proven transparent process with some of the best graphic design, content creators, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, strategists, and developers. Your needs dictate the direction of the website. Unlike many other marketing and design agencies, we can create your site from pure code, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or many other platforms. Taking it a step further, we can also integrate with nearly any technology. The value to having Cast Influence create your site is that it will have a strategic and tested direction to match your objectives.

The Process:


Here are some of the core questions we help you answer:

  • What is the audience?
  • Will you need a shopping cart or e-commerce?
  • How will the site integrate?
  • What keywords are central to being found?

If you have not thought through your marketing strategy we help you focus your ideas and put them into a coordinated approach. We help you determine objectives and needs to help you produce your organizational goal. All projects are timelined and project managed by a highly experienced team.


Our design team has been at it forever. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but our developers and content creators have been creating and building sites for many years. They know how to make your vision a reality.

They follow a process that sandbox’s your site for testing and iterations. Since we timeline projects and hold our team accountable, websites they are built efficiently with the proper attention to detail. They are also focused and SEO optimized from the code, keywords, speed of site, meta data, image tagging, and search registry.


Once we deliver a site we guarantee you are satisfied. You will have a strategic team available to help with your launch strategy and to help you determine the best ways for your site to be continually successful. Cast Influence also offers many ways for your site to be maintained, stay relevant, and SEO optimized.