Growth Hacking and Marketing


Startups and small business are in need of growth and new users more than anything else.  The term “growth hacking” is solely focused on this objective. Most successful startups have cracked the code on growth hacking — it’s time you did too.


In today’s world, the definition of a product has changed drastically. A product is now often an app, software, website or digital service like Airbnb or Uber. Traditional marketing also focuses on growth, but not to the same extent. For startups or businesses looking to secure their first 1,000 customers, growth hacking is effective thanks to its obsessive focus on this singular goal. By ignoring almost everything else, we achieve the one task that matters most early on.


Cast Influence listens to what matters to your company or startup. Our team has extensive experience in launching and engineering growth strategies with startups such as Bandsintown, Cimatri, and many more. Customized growth hacking can then be delivered and created to help you get to that growth curve you need to get noticed by funders, partners, or a larger user base. Our approach is designed with the one goal you have, GROWTH.