Design and Create Your Own Media


The two types of media we focus on building for clients are podcasts and video.

Originally the name podcast came from combining the two words: iPod and broadcast.

Podcasts are on-demand content that can be broadcasted digitally and played at any time. They are niched in nature as opposed to broadcast radio, which pushes content in real time that is tailored for broad audience.

Video can be used in combination with podcasts to develop a YouTube channel or other video mediums. Participating or creating your own video channel can drive a larger audience and help you become an influencer for niche areas.


As a Cast Influence client, you have the opportunity to take advantage of an existing audience to tell your story in our Casting Influence Podcast Series.

Additionally, we’re happy to work with you to grow your own podcast or video media channel. We can help you create content, identify and book potential guests, build an audience, and provide some of the infrastructure you need to be successful. (At some point put a link or CTA here related to a white paper on “How to build a podcast”)